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  • can you review my bot here?

  • Hey @LeadsRx! Gauri here :)

    I recorded a couple of short videos reviewing your bot. To summarize:

    1. Your homepage bot is very strong. Using your value proposition in the hook is a great idea
    2. There is room to eliminate a "no" option after someone requests more information
    3. There is an opportunity to leverage this bot on the "contact us" and "book a demo" sections of your website
    4. I reference the "skip the form" bot in the video. You can learn more about that here and I recommend completing the entire Playbook Basics certification for more ideas and best practices on leveraging bots
    5. This was not covered in the video, but you can use more social proof within your bot as well. For example, if someone says they are struggling with conversions--you can include info on how many marketers struggle with conversions and attributing them to the right channel

    Review video part 1

    Review video part 2

    Please respond with any questions or thoughts!