⚡️🧠 Customer Support Tip of the Week - Email Capture Not Firing

Ben Gardner
edited April 2020 in Drift Products

Hi there 👋!

Ben here, Head of Customer Support. I wanted to share some tips and tricks my team has found beneficial for our customers who frequent us in chat and tickets so you can have a better Drift experience.

This week's tip comes from Jeff Chen, a member of the Customer Advocate Tier 2 Team.

Email capture does not fire if the email is known

Note: Email Capture Skill is only available on Pro plans and above

Within your bot playbooks you can use the email capture tool. It will ask the visitor for their email and automatically map it to the email attribute. Usually when you build out your playbook you would test to make sure everything is working. If you ever come across the email capture skill not firing, likely its because your email is already known. The email capture skill will not fire if your email is known. 

Solution: Test in a new incognito and it will fire every time!

Watch this video for a demonstration: https://video.drift.com/v/abkbK6J2fuo/