Who's tested Paid Social to Conversational Landing Pages?

We ran a month-long test retargeting site visitors to personalized CLPs from Facebook.

It's one of several experiments we'll be doing around CLPs.

Our hope was that a single column, chat-based environment would work well for engaging middle to bottom-of-funnel prospects.

While I wouldn't call the experiment statistically conclusive, we struggled with very low conversation rates. We tested a number of things, from a single 'keep going' button right away to a series of texts and options.

And by conversation rates, I meant exactly that. Engaging with a button option at all.

(a snippet below)

The pre-click post copy was very honest about the purpose of the page so my hope was there wouldn't be an intent mismatch leading to high bounces.

One of our takeaways was it would be interesting testing social to CLPs for a top of funnel content offer instead of a BOF offer. Chat works wonders on our site for content offers.

What have you tested and what's worked well for you?


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