Marketing Playbooks and Top Tips

One thing that I keep hearing is that crisis or no crisis the basics are important when it comes to marketing. If you could only give out one piece of advice that you've seen hold true even during times of crisis what would it be?

For me it would be: Always think about the quality of your content. I think no matter when you market it is important to market with quality products, images, stories etc. Quality meaning both visual/aesthetic and of value to your customer.

I'd love to hear your tips!

(And if you are ok with it I may one day pull some of them into a blog post).

Happy Drifting.


  • Hey @Andrew Pruim - Love this thread that you started. The one piece of advice that I keep coming back to is "give to get". Providing something of value before asking for anything is such an important way to build trust (both in Marketing and also just as humans working on any type of relationship!). It seems clearer to me now more than ever that HELPING each other is the basis for strong communities and companies.

  • Couldn't agree more @[email protected] ! Relatedly, I think that as this crisis continues on, with really no end clearly in sight, it's important to not dwell on the current state of affairs, but to provide content that shows how your product/service will always be valuable.

    Speaking from a video perspective, there is no doubt visual quality will take a hit as we can't have people in our studio, but I think that's something people understand and respect as so many of us are WFH.

  • This is such an important question! We recently posted a blog about empathy in sales- and I think it holds true in marketing as well. Empathy is appreciated and well received no matter what's going in the outside world. It's a good time for us all to sit back and ask ourselves if our marketing efforts truly recognize the struggles of our prospects. Are we being helpful or pushy? Are we acknowledging the difficulties they face?