Best Proactive Chat Openers - Please help!


My sales team is searching for ideas on best openers when proactive chatting. We are trying to expand our use of the Live View + Account Based Targeting functionality within Drift.

What openers have worked for your sales team? Rather than asking, "How can I help?" we've been trying:

  • Have any questions on X? (based on specific page they are viewing)
  • Sharing additional content based on their page views
  • Introducing ourselves to create a human reaction before launching (Hi! I'm Lindsey with...)

This blog said his secret sauce opener is "Want to see something cool!?" (Link:

Any other hooks that you have found success with? :)



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    Hi @[email protected]! This is my favorite topic. The three you mentioned are all awesome starters.

    Based on our experience in live chat, we've found out that the perfect intro uses the following recipe:

    1. [Greeting and introduction]
    2. [Quick piece of personalization or value-add]
    3. [Open-ended question]

    In terms of the greeting, quick and witty human-esque openings work best. My go to is:

    • Hey [name], Tate here from the Drift team!
    • or, Hey [name], I'm Tate - real human over here!

    For the second message, we recommend leveraging information like website behavior, firmographics, content, lead stage, and other data to make the opening personalized. Some examples we use include:

    • Always good to see the [company name] on our website. I've seen a bunch of your colleagues browsing around lately.
    • I noticed you were checking out our [content page] blog post. That's one of my favorite reads!
    • We work with a ton of companies like [competitor] in [industry], so I'm excited to connect!
    • Thanks for attending our event last week! We had a blast.

    And finally, the third message should be a relevant open-ended question to initiate a meaningful conversation. This helps ensure the visitor will actually respond to your opening, and sets the tone for the conversation.

    • Is [key metric] a big priority for your team this quarter?
    • What types of results are you trying to drive by implementing [solution]?
    • Doing some research on [product] today?
    • Are you using [product] at [company name] yet?

    And the finished product -

    1. Hey Lindsey! I'm Tate from the Drift team.
    2. I noticed you were checking out our Modern Marketer's Playbook. That's one of my favorite reads!
    3. Is lead generation a big priority for the marketing team at HelpSystems this quarter?

    Would love to hear everyone's thoughts or some other go-to openers!

  • Hi @[email protected]! Sharing my favorite opener (stolen from @Tozmina): A gif! I think Tim's specific example was using a gif of a cute dog/money to open up conversations on a pricing page. Tim runs Drift for Drift, I'm sure he'd be happy to weigh in here with a ton of ideas!

  • Hey @[email protected]! We just put out our Book of Hooks! You can check it out here. These are hooks/bot openers our team of Conversational Marketing Specialists have used to improve performance (and, of course, be enticing ;)

    We'd love to hear how some of these openers work out for you--drop us a note right here.