⚡️💵 Customer Support Tip of the Week 5/7/20

Our Support Tip of the Week is brought to you by Tyler Manley. Tyler is a member of our Triage Tier 2 Team and has a specialization in Integrations with Drift. He is also a member of a band called Seven Leaves and if you're interested you can check them out on Spotify here.

Are you seeing disqualified leads sync to Marketo? Turn on the minimum CQL filter in your Marketo sync settings and set it to 1! In order to change that you can navigate to

Settings > Integrations > Marketo > Synced Marketo Data

and apply the settings change

For more information you can check out our Help Docs page on Market



  • @[email protected]

    Thanks for this helpful tip. One of the challenge we have with Drift Marketo integration is around syncing the correct lead ownership from Drift to Marketo for newly created leads. Since Drift cannot write information into Marketo lead owner fields, the newly corrected leads from Drift don't get routed correctly. Do you have any suggestions to solve this?

  • @hasingh

    Hey Hasingh! Tyler from the Drift support team here! You are correct that we can't write information on the lead owner field, however we do have the ability to set a lead owner in Marketo, just not in that field. If you head to your synced Marketo data settings within Drift you should see the option to have Drift set a lead owner upon lead creation. If you are using this feature all ready is the issue that the field you are using does not properly line up with your workflow in Marketo?