Drift Video is only downloading in .webm format

Any ideas on how I can change this? I want to upload the video in a course I'm creating but when I click on "download video"it's only downloading in a ".webm" format


  • Hi there, Crystal!

    Kristen with the Drift support team hopping in here:) Thanks for reaching out!

    So for folks on our free Drift Video plan, videos will download in .webm format (and for those who upgrade to Drift Video Pro, all downloads are going to be in .mp4 format). If you are on our free Drift Video plan than this sounds like expected behavior, but if you are on Drift Video Pro and your videos are downloading as .webm format then that is definitely not right and we would love to get that fixed for you! If that's the case, please email us at [email protected] to create a ticket!