How to configure Drift Widget unread badge to only appear on the website's homepage

I would like to show unread badge and welcome message only on the home page of our website. I have turned off the "Show unread badge for first messages" as a work around, but this simply hides the welcome message leaving only a chat bubble.


  • Hi there, LiveSafe!

    Kristen here with the Drift support team hopping in, thank you for reaching out!

    Only showing your welcome message on your homepage is definitely possible through targeting, let me explain!

    note: you must be on a paid Drift plan in order to target your playbooks

    1. Go to your playbooks (
    2. Click on the welcome message (online or offline)
    3. Find "Display Conditions" on the left toolbar
    4. Click "add condition"
    5. Enter the URL for your homepage (note that by using the condition URL is ____ you are telling Drift to have the welcome message appear ONLY on that EXACT URL.
    6. Click save
    7. Publish!

    You can also check out our help docs on the Welcome Messages themselves and on how to target

    Let us know if there is anything else we can help with!