Power of the PIVOT: Celebrating Marketers Who Are Going Above & Beyond for Their Teams & Customers

What's up gang?! Coming at you with an exciting opp to recognize some deserving marketers on your teams and in your networks 🧠💡👑

Here's the scoop:

We all know that marketing in the last few months has been anything BUT business as usual. Even the best-laid marketing strategies were turned upside down...leaving marketers around the world to find new ways to engage with buyers and hit their 2020 goals. 

But here's the thing. The creativity and innovation we’ve seen from the marketing community during the COVID-19 crisis is nothing short of AMAZING. So we’re putting together a list to recognize the people behind the most powerful #marketingpivots out there.

Can't do it alone, so if there's a marketer you know who's deserving of some major celebration and recognition, please take a few minutes to nominate them here: https://drift-hq.typeform.com/to/cgUCyV

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