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What’s behind the Drift content machine? On May 28th, we’re telling all! Together Gail, Molly, and Sarah have produced more than 1,000 pieces of content in the last year (😱) – that’s blogs, books, podcasts, newsletter, webinars and everything in between.

During office hours you’ll be able ask them your burning content questions. Add office hours to your calendar here.

Get the conversation going by asking any questions in advance here 👇


  • Can't wait for this session! Leave any questions you might have before the 28th here!

  • Hey everyone! We're all really excited over here.

    👩🏻‍🦰 I'm Sarah! I work on a lot of our eBooks/reports and event/webinar decks at Drift (along with some blogging here and there). Can't wait to chat with all of you.

    Me anxiously craving more human interaction this month 👇

  • Hi guys!

    I can't wait for this session. Two questions I have that I want to know your opinions on:

    1) I'm the Head of Digital Marketing for a Sales Business school. However, it's just me and we're putting together a content strategy to start engaging our target audience better. What's the quickest way to increase output whilst not sacrificing focus on other areas that need to be attended to? FYI, I'm a one man band at the moment.

    2) What is you guys' opinion on creating content around past customers, who may not be customers anymore? They're super relevant for now and are great stories for what the business has done for its customers. But the individuals that we dealt with are no longer at the company. What would be your approach to this?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Great questions, @Eddie Guevarra ! I'm excited to hear the team's answers to these 🙂

  • Hi guys, excited for this discussion!

    A couple of questions I have are:

    • What are some creative ways or places you look to brainstorm fresh topics for your content?
    • What reporting model does your team use to evaluate the effectiveness/impact of your content marketing and why?


  • Jotting those q's down, thank you @olivia fournier @Eddie Guevarra 🤓

    I'm Molly and I'm the managing editor for the Drift blog. Excited to get together with some fellow content lovers, so please keep these great questions coming! Otherwise, we'll be forced to subject you to a debate about the Oxford comma, and I'm not sure anyone wants that...

  • This is too good. I'd be happy to talk with anyone if they'd want to talk about social media! :)

  • Really excited for this session as well! One question, how do you repurpose content from Hypergrowth all year long? I know you do a great job of it, would love to see the planning and thought that goes into it.

  • Awesome question, @Tyler Stahle! Maybe @Janna Erickson can share a sneak peak of what the early stages look like of planning content for an event like HYPERGROWTH 🙂

  • Hi! Excited for this. Here's what I'm hoping to get some advice on. I've only ever been a "content team of one" in my career so far, but next week I'll have another content marketer joining me (yay!). We'll be acting as peers (i.e., I'm not his manager). I'm wondering:

    • What processes or editorial workflows do you have in place to maintain content quality? What would you recommend for a team of two content marketers as far as reviewing and editing work?
    • Do you ALL create across every content type (books, blogs, video, newsletter) and channel (social, email), or do you divvy those up? How do you divide ownership?
    • Does one person "own" content reporting?
    • How do you set individual and team goals related to content? What do those look like?
  • Hi! Thanks for organizing this talk, really look forward to learning from you. Few questions:

    1. What playbooks do you use for content distribution and are they the same for ebooks vs events?
    2. Measuring content success - always on top of everyone's mind :) traffic is easy, but how do you show the influence on the pipeline?
    3. I love your emails with content roundups, plain text, multiple links, not traditional approach with 1 CTA and templated emails. Seems that in email content distribution you treat customers and prospects equally, how do you avoid over-communicating with your customers? Would you be open to sharing your knowledge on the paths to this way of content distribution?

    Thank you!

  • Really good questions @Jenna Buckle and @[email protected]! So excited to see you both in the session next week.

  • @[email protected] Great questions. I'm going to actually cheat and answer your #3 before we jump into the session next week.

    🤫Don't tell the others

    "How do you avoid over-communicating with your customers? Would you be open to sharing your knowledge on the paths to this way of content distribution?"

    👆This is a bit more of a demand gen question, but still a good one to keep in mind when it comes to content strategy.

    The best way to avoid over-communicating is to properly structure your email nurture so 1) Customers are only getting relevant content based on their current lifecycle with you. 2) They're not getting repeat information. This is from a webinar we did today that explains the idea 👇

    Outside nurture-based emails, you have one-offs and subscriptions to consider. Having a robust email system in place with rules that ensure communication doesn't go over a certain threshold helps with this. Especially when multiple teams are reaching out.

    Our marketing operations team has a rule in our marketing automation software that limits the number of emails we can send in a day and in a week to customers. Think of it like a system-based, checks-and-balances. For example, one part of that rule is that customers cannot receive more than 1 email in a day and 3 emails in a week.

    While we rarely reach 3 emails in 1 week this is a good balance if, say, customers are also signed-up for newsletters (we have a good amount that sign up for more than one!).

    Alright, stay tuned for the rest gang. Looking forward to it!

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