What are you doing to maintain a positive experience for your customers?

The last few months have been anything but business as usual. There are so many innovative changes that businesses are making from marketing strategies, to sales and customer success plays.

👉🏻 What are you doing to maintain a positive experience for your customers?


  • We interviewed Eric Olson, CMO at Quick Base, on #NoFilter, and this was one of my favorite takeaways:

    "There's a couple things that come to mind, when I think of a positive customer experience. One is consistency, right, as a customer, I want my interactions with every piece of Quick Base from the product, to the people, to the marketing materials to be consistent. So I understand how to interact with that business, I understand how to learn the things that I want to learn. Two is that, and this is where we spent a ton of time on alignment, is that, what's coming from the company is personalized to what I really care about." - Eric Olson, CMO at Quick Base

  • Drift's team has been working hard to put the customer at the center of everything we do now more than ever.

    The product team released Audiences and Drift Video Bots to make our customers experience with Drift more valuable. The content team has been working hard and typing nonstop to create resources, blog posts, and podcasts that are not only relevant but useful. Our sales team has pivoted their approach, our customer teams / marketing team members have lead with empathy in everything we do, our company success team has put Drift's employee's safety first.

    The entire Drift team came together to create amazing work. To support each other and our community.

    That is how you create a positive experience all around.

  • I couldn't agree with @Pat Timmons more! As a relatively new member of the Drift team I can say that Drift's approach to creating positive customer experiences is rooted in the organization's core values. It goes back to the airplane analogy- the flight attendant tells you to put your own air mask on before helping others with theirs- you have to help yourself before you can help others.

    At Drift, helping ourselves means taking inventory of the new problems we're facing and reflecting on our experiences with outside organizations so we can find fixes that actually work for us before trying to roll them out to our customers and community. If something doesn't work for us, or its an experience that we don't quite love, we want to know that before it impacts our own customers and their experiences.

  • Love this question, @Colleen Koslosky - it's definitely a changed world out there! To add to what @Pat Timmons and @[email protected] shared above about what we're doing at Drift, I would also emphasize that all of our adaptations are firmly rooted in listening to our customers and understanding how we can contribute to their success. Rather than just assuming we know what our customers want and need from us, teammates from across the organization (product, marketing, customer success, etc.) devote a lot of time to building genuine relationships with our customers, which fuels our ability to deliver valuable and positive experiences.