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  • victor@marketgrowth.io
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    Hi everyone!

    TBH, I'm a gift-lush so the lure of 'gift for a gif' is irresistible. :(

    For my intro:

    1. I'm currently Marketing Engineer & Content Manager for PwC New Ventures. We are prepping to launch Drift hopefully next fiscal year! I'm also founder of MarketGrowth.io so I take on select customers for GrowthOps ; also building an open source personal CRM - long term. I started managing Drift in the enterprise-level at Palo Alto Networks in my past life.
    2. The book I am reading right now is 'COINED' by Kabir Sehgal. 'Revenue solves all known problems' -ES. Learn the source.
    3. I love both coffee and tea: Americano (blends) and Yerba Mate.

    Let's connect!.

    ^ technically not a GIF but it's so fun.

  • Hey hi!

    I'm Leanna and I'm an account manager for a software consulting firm.

    I don't listen to as many podcasts as I'd like but I love Joe Rogan's..... and How I Made my First Million (The Hustle)

    Coffee, black before noon and with Bailey's after 12 on weekends.

    OOps! Forgot my gif!

  • Hey Everyone! I'm Heremaia

    I'm an APAC SDR for nintex, an end to end process automation and mapping platform!

    Currently reading high profit prospecting by Mark Hunter, Tools of titans is next by Tim Ferris!

    Chai Latte On the occasion for me when it's good :)

  • I'll probably never read through all of the comments, but here we go

    I work a day job for a Marketing Company as their Lead Videographer. I Enjoy editing and coordinating projects, but also record video for lots of project.

    I work Freelance as a creative consultant for brand growth at the recently launched Visten Creative (www.vistencreative.com)

    I'm really into Branding in 5.5 Steps and recently did a watch through of Wistia's Brandwagon webshow.

    I mostly just drink water. But I will occasionally have peppermint tea with lots of sugar.

    And now for a surprise gif -t

    1. Hi I am a digital marketer /media buyer / CRO guy my biz is called Clicksology, based in Australia & Bali
    2. Currently reading Why Are We Yelling:The Art of Productive Disagreement [Buster Benson]
    3. Tea white with honey, yes it's both a habit and an addiction

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm the VP of Marketing Digital Experience and Design at EBSCO. If you're familiar with EBSCOhost, that's us. We're located on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

    My favorite podcasts right now are This Old Marketing and Pivot. I learn a lot from both of them (and many others).

    As for coffee, don't shoot me but I don't drink it. I never acquired the taste.

    Looking forward to being part of this community!

    1. Marketing Manager at a leading Learning & Development provider originating from France (regional office in Singapore).
    2. No time for books, but reading tonnes from online sites/blogs
    3. Coffee preference? Anything that smells like one, with less sugar!

    1. Hi, I’m Drew - Head of Marketing over at Gubagoo. Curious to see how this community evolves! 🌱
    2. Hacking Marketing - great exploration of how to apply management concepts from tech to the acceleration of marketing. Speaks to my inner geek! 🤓
    3. I don’t drink coffee. Or tea. Unless you count the occasional kombucha. Mostly, I drink nothing but water. 💧
  • Terry Anderson
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    Hi all,

    1. My name is Terry and I'm the lead Marketing Specialist at 3 Alpha Media & Consulting.

    2. Lately, I've been reading the copywriter's guidebook. You can always learn something from a book.

    3. I like my sweet tea with lemon...ade.

  • Happy Friday, everyone! 

    I'm heading Growth and Marketing operations for MoEngage Inc, where we help consumer-first companies understand, engage, and retain their customers.

    Currently, exploring books on the topic of Account-Based Marketing. (let me know if you have any recommendation)

    Coffee ❤️ - any day/any form/any number of times.


    P.S: Saw what I did there with the GIF? Cliché? 😅

  • Hola gente!!!

    1. I'm head of marketing at Product School. Global leader in #ProductManagement training, with over 10,000 alumni, 20 campuses worldwide and online.
    2. I just finished "Me Muero Por Vivir" a story about: traveling around the world while your wife is sick at home fighting against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis but she's seeing the trough her husband eyes. Next book: Factfulness.
    3. Coffee with soy milk.

    Happy to be here!

    1. I lead Marketing (and PR, Comms, Events...) for Kannelle, a solution to create employee video programs. Based in Paris. 🥖
    2. Book: Make Advertising F**king Great Again - I wrote it 3 years ago (shameless promotion). Rereading it now, I feel awed at some of the great wisdom in there and also depressed at some of the nonsense I wrote. 🤷‍♂️
    3. Usually short and black. Sometimes with a dash of milk. And cappuccinos over the weekend. ☕️

    Feeling deep respect with what your marketing teams has achieved, I can only post this GIF:

  • Kwesi Adebisi
    edited March 2020

    Hey All!

    1. I am currently a sales associate at 7-eleven. But. I am attempting to save some money, that I can get a computer.

    2. Current read is a transcript of the documentary named The Changing Face of Greed.

    3. Coffee = black

  • Melissa Meyer
    edited March 2020

    Hello all!

    1. I'm a Sr. Customer Marketing Specialist at Influitive, a B2B SaaS company based in Toronto. We specialize in customer engagement and help companies drive their customer advocacy programs. I wear many hats in my role (don't we all?)
    2. I'm a big basketball fan, so a few of my faves include Wingin' It, Dishes & Dimes and Inside the Green Room.
    3. I take my coffee with a little bit of milk and in the largest mug I can find!

    P.S. any Parks & Rec fans here? Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. 😀

  • Welcome, @Melissa Meyer ! I am also a HUGE Parks and Rec Fan! Can't wait to learn from you on all things customer marketing.

  • Hey y'all! Hope your day is off to a wonderful start. I got smacked in the face with some snowflakes this morning, but I have my second cup of tea on hand and things are good.

    I work as a content writer at Socio - an event management platform that helps enterprises, member-based organizations, and third-party planners optimize their live events. We have offices in both Indianapolis, IN and Istanbul, Turkey. (And I may be bias, but I think we're a pretty cool group of people. :D )

    I am actually working on writing my own fiction novel right now so I haven't been reading as much, but please, recommend some of your favorites to me!

    No coffee for me (unless it's decaf), but I am OBSESSED with tea. Looking at my desk, I currently have 9 types of green tea, 3 herbal kinda, chai, and monk fruit tea.

  • Hey, I'm Harry. Great to be here

    I'm run Marketing Examples. A gallery of real world marketing examples.

    Favourite podcast is either The Tennis Podcast or Indie Hackers podcast.

    No sugar. Anything else goes ;)

  • Eliav@ultracool.io
    edited March 2020

    Hi! I am the super user on the Drift platform and the co-founder of Ultracool. We only build on Drift, and help organizations in making playbooks that have a high engagement rates and convert

    I love the Joe Rogan podcasts as well as Neil Degrasse Tyson

    I like my coffee at 145 degrees with some cream and sugar!

  • Hello everyone!!

    1. I am Responsible for Organic Growth at Genially (Genial.ly), we are based in Spain. We are probably the most versatile interactive content generation platform with +3Million users,190 countries, +1000 templates.
    2. I actually spend most of my time reading use cases, blogs and forums like this one on growth, retention, product-led, etc.
    3. Black tea with a dash of milk is a boost of energy for me!

    Excited to be here.

  • Howdy!

    I lead demand generation at Rocketrip, which creates incentives for business travelers to save company money.

    I'm currently reading a novel about teen girls in the 1980s who play field hockey and may or may not be witches -- We Ride Upon Sticks.

    Chai with soy or oat milk.

  • Hi Everyone 😄

    I'm Andi and I'm a Digital Strategist, Client Advisor and Bot Expert at Connection Model 🎉

    I've been reading Reese Witherspoon book club suggestions. One of my favorites has been The Alice Network - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    Fun Fact- I'm half Colombian and love my coffee ☕️

    Everyday Coffee - Just a touch of cream

    When I'm out getting coffee I tend to get a Cappuccino if the cafe has good espresso.

    Tea - Earl Grey with cream or Mint Tea

  • Hello all you beautiful people!

    1. My name is Zoe and I run marketing over at Metric Insights (MI integrates with all your Business Intelligence tools, data, and applications into a single BI Portal and monitors all your metrics, so you no longer have to hunt for data/miss critical information).
    2. Currently reading Little Fires Everywhere ahead of it being released as a show on Hulu (2020 goal....see what shows are coming out that are based on a book and read the book FIRST). As for podcast....any Murderino's out there?!
    3. One cup of coffee a day with just a splash of half & half.

  • Hi, everyone!

    I'm Matt Lush, and I manage content marketing at Clear Capital, a 600-person real estate technology company headquartered in Reno, Nevada, about 40 minutes away from Lake Tahoe.

    "Business Casual" by Morning Brew has been my favorite podcast recently. (We also just launched our own podcast at Clear Capital, "ClearCast — The Real Estate Fintech Podcast," and I might be a bit partial. 😀)

    I like black coffee in the morning and green tea in the afternoon.

    And this GIF has become an inside joke on our marketing team — I think every marketer knows what this feels like:

  • Hi hi!

    I'm Fike, I work remotely from Indonesia for Saturday Drive (Ninja Forms and Caldera Forms). I mostly manage their affiliate program, but also do general marketing/communications work.

    I read a lot, one that I really loved recently was Factfulness by Hans Rosling.

    I don't really drink tea/coffee. Well maybe tea, no sugar, twice a week. Coffee keeps me up at night.

    If your company is in the WordPress/SaaS and want to collab with us, just leave a message ;)

  • Hey everyone!

    1. I'm Harshini working as a Sr. Marketing manager at HackerEarth.
    2. My go-to podcast is the Swipe file with Dave Gerhardt and currently reading Ikigai
    3. Oops! Tough question here coz I'm one of those aliens who neither drinks tea nor coffee. I do however occasionally like to sip on green tea especially on a rainy day!
  • Hi everyone! 🤩

    1. I'm Evelina, Manager of Marketing Ops at Falcon.io, a Cision company. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rolled Drift out in June 2018 and my team has been living happily ever after 🖖
    2. It's March 13th and I have already read 9 books this year. Ask me again after the Covid-19 shutdown in Denmark, will probably be at 15. Two recommendations - Why we sleep by Matthew Walker and Tools and Weapons by Brad Smith 🤓
    3. Coffee. Tea. Coffee. Tea. Tea. Tea . That's how my day goes. There is nothing better than a Cortado in the morning, Espresso after lunch and all the tea in the world in between. Tea without Ginger is just meeeeh 🍵

  • Hey all 👋

    I'm Sales & Marketing Director at MAGNIV, but moving on shortly to new things :)

    I've been reading How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg... it's super insightful and relatable. I've also been listening to a podcast called Criminal - they retell true stories of fascinating crimes around the world. It's not business or marketing related, but thought I'd share nonetheless!

    Nothing beats a strong filter coffee generously topped with milk IMO.

  • Welcome, @Matt Lush ! Congrats on the launch of your recent podcast! Can't wait to check it out.

    1. I'm Manuel from Velas Resorts, Mexico. I manage the digital marketing strategy - Salesforce and Drift adoption.
    2. Super podcast: CRACKS and UX COPYWRITTING / Reading now: So good the can´t ignore you
    3. Matcha & Mate