Connected customer touch points

Drift community, I yearn for the platform that puts all customer marketing touch points at my fingertips. Why are marketing solutions fragmented, disconnected, and exhaustive? I was intrigued by Drift because your solution philosophy is to create the single view into the customer experience for marketers. A one-click view into touch points and an ability to enhance and improve it for potential buyers is Nirvana for me. What was the design thinking for your solution? What else makes life easier for marketers?


  • I just had this very fascinating conversation with Bill King from Drift. Maybe we'll do a webinar together and walk through it some time. Here is the secret... to see every touchpoint and what is converting, you'll need to use the following: It's actually a really hard problem to solve and it's what most scaling companies need to make better decisions.

    Bizable + Drift + salesforce +marketing automation (marketo/pardot/maybe others) = you'll be able to see every touch point and what is converting...not just the final URL.

    Nice to see what ad brought them in... what Drift conversation caused them to convert...or what piece of content got them to the site for a certain period of time.

    It's actually fascinating the way you can see what is working and not working for each point. Most marketers find this approach super valuable so that you can prove where marketings value is.

    The value of Drift in all this is you can see the conversations that engage and help move the prospect forward as well.

    Marketing value when using this method for proving marketing ROI.:

    Most organizations break it up marketing value into 5 sections for marketing value: 20% for each

    20% for the path they first come in

    3-20% sections for the middle - nurture

    20% for the final url that caused the conversion

    If you'd like to chat more..hit me up...this is the future of marketing you are talking about for scaling organizations.