WFH : Let's create some collaboration and share tips (oh and animal pics 🐶)
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Hi all 👋

Recently Drift has made the decision to have all it's employees to be WFH (

With that have come some changes to how we all work and collaborate with one another. Also it's created some time away from other people tbh.

So I wanted to kick this thread of to:

  1. Create a community so we can all some human contact
  2. Do some networking
  3. Share some of our tips to how we're keeping sane and productive or a challenge you're having that you'd like help with.
  4. Share a pic of you WFH with your pets!!!

So here we go 🚀

My tip is to create detailed to-do lists. The key for me is to not write something vague like "email copy" it would be "write 4 emails for x program by 11am"

A challenge has been me feeling guilty when I go to make lunch or grab a snack and I'm not answering slack right away.

Let me know your thoughts!!


Marshall is wishing everyone a Happy Friday 👇

PS. resize your image before you upload it!