Have you changed the ABM in your bots since everyone is working from home? #coronavirusproblems

If you are using firmographic drift data on Premium or Enterprise in order to help route customers to the right reps, you may have some challenges unless you make some changes quickly.

Here is the problem: Drift pulls info from the IP address. If someone is new to your site is on their home network or phone, Drift will not know who they are.

Why this is a problem? Many companies use routing based on that data...like employee size, revenue, twitter followers 😂..

What may end up happening is an enterprise account ends up getting connected to your brand new BDR...that would never be a problem right...

The bots will still pull in geographic info for routing...

Any other issues people can see with ABM or firmographic data in bots with people working at home? Trying to think through the rest of the fixes!


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