Leads in a post event world

It's no secret - events are being canceled left and right, and an invaluable source for quality leads has dried up. What are you doing to make sure your numbers don't drop and your funnel is fed?


  • Eliav@ultracool.io
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    I just did a post on Linkedin about this today. Here is the Link (https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6644009650071175170/)

    It also has Drift video that walks you though some of these specific challenges. The best thing you can do is be contextual...even contextual about Corona...

    What opener we are using that is working?? See below

  • I love that hook @[email protected] .. Did you see a spike in the number of conversations initiated? This one is worth stealing.

  • @[email protected] love it! Would love to hear how it's performing for you

  • Eliav@ultracool.io
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    Going very well. To be honest we have a very high engagement rate normally. Over 30% on our homepage bots as they are highly contextual. I put together a video with some additional tips and also showing how we overhauled SeattleBallooning's bot with a corona overhaul. There is a lot of gold in here...you can get some more in-depth training at the end of the month on this when my Drift Insider course comes out. If you don't think you can do all the things I talked about in the video.. hit me up. Happy to chat. Also as you can tell...I drink all the Drift Kool Aid...Drift video...to conversational content... to webinar info... to Drift fixes... to contextual bots...Drift links.. back to other bots...that have Drift video... https://video.drift.com/v/ab9VrQ4NoH6/

  • @[email protected] Thanks for sharing this - I loved seeing you walk through the live site examples! Also agree that it makes a ton of sense to leverage homepage bots to acknowledge what we're all facing right now; it makes me feel more connected and human. Can't wait for your Insider course!

  • Hey,

    Colleen from Drift saw my post on LinkedIn and thought it would be worth joining this forum. I will leave the blog post here, hope it helps! https://www.reachdesk.com/post/cancelled-events-customers-working-from-home-here-are-11-plays-to-keep-customers-engaged

  • Love this thread. I think the big thing during this time is to show that you are understanding of what your site visitors are also going through. Empathy goes a long way and the best partner to empathy is support.

    Let them know you care, you get it, and then give them something that will provide value to their current situation.

  • At Drift, we're in the unique position of marketing to marketers. So the same struggles we're faced with, we know our customers and prospects are also facing. So among other tactics, we're really trying to be transparent about what's working for us so our customers can be successful. The goal isn't necessarily to generate leads, it's more to build trust and be authentic as we're all wading into uncharted territory- but authenticity and trust always lead to more customers and brand loyalty. So it's a win/win!

  • So, I'm new here in the BBS (Yep, I surely just got branded as "The New Old Chic" with that reference!), but even this blind old lady can see clearly what's happening to our world.

    Every day, we all see more and more reports of people being diagnosed with CV19 or dying from it in thre news that it's destroying our optimism as a society. I know it certainly has affected mine, anyway.

    Thing is, thanks to social distancing, our methods of coping with things in the recent past likely were very different than we might be able to use now.

    For example, the workaholic father of 6 who hates his life and always works those long hours? Things are really heating up on the homefront when his wife sees first hand how little work he actually has to do. His long days at work (when he was actually at the bar with old friends) seem to not be so long now that he's not at the office... He's grumpy and seems to be sleeping a lot. He's losing it because he can't get away from the noisy, cramped house full of the people he secretly blames for being where he is in life. He's depressed... badly.

    This guy needs humor to help him hold it together. As marketers, it's our responsibility to give him what he needs... something to laugh about, we all do. The problem is that what we would normally laugh at (Cheeto's anyone?) isn't so funny amidst all this death. Where does that leave us? We have to create the humor for them... for us...

    What's your company's punchline to help people thru this?

  • Hey all, we just shared a really cool example on the Drift blog that talks about how Adobe ran their virtual summit (using chat). Along with some pretty other amazing things marketers are doing in this totally digital world.

    Thought this chat might appreciate it! https://www.drift.com/blog/how-companies-are-adapting-coronavirus-outbreak/