Can I ask you a question...What did you think of the Playbook Basics certification?

Gauri Iyengar
edited March 2020 in Drift Products

Hi Everyone,

This is Gauri, I do Product Education at Drift and we just sent a new certification your way.

If you are currently taking or have already taken the Playbook Basics certification, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Respond with:

  1. One thing you have learned so far
  2. One thing you want to learn about (that you haven't yet or that the certification is prompting you to dive into)
  3. How you use playbooks in your business.

I'll be here, looking at all of your responses! 👀Let's keep the conversation going.


  • Hey Gauri! I just took the Playbooks Basics certification yesterday. Even though (as you obviously know!) I actually work at Drift, I've only been here for a couple of months and have a ton to still learn so it was SUPER helpful.

    1. One thing I learned: I hadn't ventured much into the reporting side of things, and thought the conversation flow report was really cool, and loved the tips from Shannon about fixing low conversion and conversation drop-off
    2. One thing I want to learn more about: The ability to set different targeting conditions has SO much power (and I love seeing the audience estimator to actually get a sense of what the results of different settings might be). The certification only went into a couple of basic targeting conditions, but I'm now really interested in digging deeper into all of the possibilities and understanding what other companies have found to be most effective targeting tactics for different types of playbooks.