What are ways I can install Drift ?

Thankfully there are no shortage of ways to get Drift installed!

We support a verity of different ways to get us installed on your site the way you want! Below are some of the most popular ways, and help docs that walk you through step by step of the installation process! πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ˜

Install using Javascript, great thing about this specific doc is that at the bottom of the page there are links to other installation option!


Install using WordPress


Install using Google Tag Manager


Once it's installed you can check that it is all good by heading over to your site, right clicking any where on your site, chose the inspect option, navigate to the Console Tab , type in Drift, If a red error message shows up, Drift is not installed and you may want to double check the installation!

If all is good and want to be extra sure, you can type in drift.api.showWelcomeMessage() and this will trigger you Default Greeting!