Book A Meeting Routing to only online BDRs?

Hi, is there a way to set the routing rules for the Book A Meeting node to only direct to BDRs who are online?


  • How do I set it so that if i am off line and someone has an inquiry my name and meeting link will pop up.

  • Hi Blossom and LANNE2022,

    Natalia from Drift support here 👋

    I see you're looking to understand how to ensure that the Book A Meeting node only directs to BDRs who are online.

    You could try using the Route to teammate skill, instead of the Book A Meeting skill. The reasoning for that is that when we perform routing to round robin for live chat (Route to teammate skill), we already bring in the online rep. Then, we could configure the fallback to schedule a meeting if that routed rep doesn’t respond after some time. You can configure this by going to Settings> App Settings> Bot> Special circumstances routing fallbacks. With this set up we’d be routing in one rep for live chat since they are online, and then book a meeting with this rep if they don’t respond within a set number of seconds/minutes. LANNE2022, you could use the same feature to ensure that your calendar gets dropped in a chat if you're routed and not online.

    Another option is to create teams for each rep and maybe create routing rules to apply only if the individual reps are online. Booking a meeting with only online reps is definitely possible. However, it would require using conditional branches 'Team Status is online [name of your team] and then specifying in each Book a Meeting skill who the meeting should go to. Here is a help doc that goes over how you can set up and manage Teams in Drift -

    Hopefully, this helps. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.