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Every month we’ve decided to share the trending questions and topics our Customer Advocate team sees through case and chat interactions with YOU, our community.  We hope you find the below links beneficial and that they might answer any questions you have before they come up.  If you have any questions or comments about anything we have posted here, please feel free to add them below!


Topic: Salesforce Integration


Issue: User’s Salesforce integration got disconnected and in the event log, we can see an error “failed to refresh access token cause: {"error":"invalid_grant", "error_description":"expired access/refresh token"}”.

Environment: Salesforce IntegrationCause: When Drift attempted to validate the connection with Salesforce, an error was returned indicating that the initial authorization token had expired. Tokens can be configured to expire after a particular time period.

Resolution: Users should disconnect and reconnect their Salesforce integration to refresh their token. The integration should start working as expected from the moment it gets reconnected.


For more information about connecting the Salesforce integration, please see the following documentation:


Topic: Notifications

Issue(s): My notifications are enabled but sometimes they come through a couple of minutes delayed, why is this?
Resolution: Device-specific settings can block browser notifications.

  • Mac Users: Please make sure "Do Not Disturb" is not enabled in any capacity in your Systems Preferences/Notifications and that Chrome OS X alerts and the Drift Desktop app alerts (if you are using the Desktop app and not are allowed.
  • Windows Users: Please make sure "Focus Assist Mode" is not active in the Windows Action Center. Be aware that it is possible to have focus assist set to turn on during certain times of the day. Please make sure it is fully turned off so you can receive notifications.
  • Also, make sure that Chrome OS X alerts (for web browser notifications) and the Drift Desktop app alerts (if you are using the Desktop app and not are allowed in the "Notification and Actions" section of settings. You will also want to make sure that notifications from apps and other senders are enabled.

For more information about troubleshooting notifications, please see the following documentation:


Topic: Salesforce Integration Issues


Issue: We had a recent uptick of customers reporting the following error: SFDC event log error: failed to refresh access token cause: {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"expired authorization code"}

Cause: Salesforce has experienced an API issue over the past few days. The issue is now resolved, and we expect the next account sync to be successful. If your sync is still failing you can manually initiate a sync from the Accounts tab.

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