Drift Video Analytics : Different Company Names Displayed for Same Viewer in Drift Video

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Issue : 

A customer reported an issue where their Drift video analytics are showing views by different company names for the same viewer. For example, a video viewed twice by the same person displayed as "X Company" on one occasion and "Y Company" on another, despite the viewer not being associated with either company.


Cause : 

This issue arises when a viewer is not recognized as a "cookied" contact in the account. In such cases, Drift identifies the viewer based on the IP address and network they are connected to at the time of viewing. If the viewer watches the video from different locations or networks, the system may attribute the views to different company names based on the varying IP addresses and networks.


Resolution : 

To address this issue, it is important to understand that the variation in company names displayed is due to the viewer's IP address and network changing between views. Here are the steps to understand and potentially mitigate the issue: 

  • Check Viewer Locations: Confirm whether the viewer watched the video from different locations or networks (e.g., office, home, different office locations).
  • ‘Cookied’ Contacts: Encourage viewers to be "cookied" contacts in the account. This can help in accurately identifying viewers and associating their views with the correct contact information.
  • IP and Network Identification: Recognize that the system will use IP and network information to identify viewers who are not cookied. Different networks may lead to different company names being displayed.

By understanding these points, users can better interpret the analytics provided by Drift Video and ensure accurate tracking of video views. This Drift Video feature works similarly to Drift Intel, this feature works by using IP addresses and networks to identify companies visiting your site and the same principle applies to video views in terms of network-based identification.


Ticket Example : https://drift.lightning.force.com/lightning/r/Case/500PL00000CPRfdYAH/view

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